Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new amazon review of VIPER

"VIPER is John Desjarlais's sequel to BLEEDER. Having enjoyed the first novel so much, I snatched up the second as soon as I saw it in the bookstore. I was not disappointed. John Desjarlais has the uncanny ability to at once take you on a seat-belt-tightening suspenseful ride of your life, immerse you in another culture, and have you live in his character's skins--whether they're Aristotelian professors or Latina maidens--and all at the same time. His story-line is fast moving and never the twists and turns of a country road at high speeds. Be warned, though, if you pick up VIPER, you need to carve out a nice niche of time to finish it because--once you fall into the Viper's lair--you won't be able to crawl out."

Gerard Webster, author of In-Sight

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Murphy has arrived

Our new retired racing Greyhound, Murphy, has arrived at our home! He's a beauty, white with brindle patches! 3 years old, 33 races, his Mom was a million-dollar-winner. His track name: Sovereign Knight. He is housebroken, has already learned to climb stairs, and (for the most part) live in a human home.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 is where to order BLEEDER and VIPER together for $25 - limited time offer. VIPER is officially released July 15. It was printed and shipped to Sophia this week.