Sunday, March 23, 2008

At Table: A Poem

In recognition of Easter Sunday:

Dionysus brought the wine,

Demeter brought the bread.

(Athena would have dined but

she was still in Zeus's head).

Apollo lit a candle

with his finger and he said:

"At first I did not recognize

you, risen from the dead."

The Host smiles warmly, takes the cup,

and lifts it overhead.

"The Hebrews had the prophets

and you had yourselves, instead.

When Hercules, for love,

went down to Hades for his bride;

or you, a son of god,

defeated Python in his pride,

These were but shadows on the wall

of Plato's cave, so cast

by higher, firm realities

though dimly seen at first.

Isaiah uttered oracles

and David sang withal,

but you had stories, pointing to

The Truest Tale of all."

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