Sunday, November 29, 2009

CWG Seal of Approval

BLEEDER was awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval last week. The Seal assures Catholic bookstores that there is nothing in the book that might embarrass the bookseller or the faithful reader - gratuitous sex, gore, Catholic-bashing and the like. It isn't the same as an imprimatur and isn't meant to be. Nor is it meant to suggest that the book is 'safe' (even though I'd rate it a PG). I prefer to think that the seal says that the book speaks the truth in all ways - theologically and emotionally - without being superficial, suger-coated or sentimental, without sacrificing literary quality. So is there violence? Heck, it's a MURDER mystery. Is there sex? Enough to make the people real. Is there theological controversy? Of course - Catholics are relentlessly logical and analyze everything (as my protagonist, a lapsed Presbyterian, discovers). So, thank you, CWG, for your 'faith' in me and in BLEEDER.

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