Sunday, January 2, 2011

VIPER Spring 2011 Blog Tour

VIPER 2011 Spring Mystery Blog Tour

There's about one per week to allow for interaction with those who visit and post a comment. There's still room for your blog if you'd like me - or Selena - to visit.

1/10 (Selena as a young teen)

2/7 (article: developing a Mexican- American female character)

2/14 (yes, that's the correct addy, though it looks wrong) (interview)

2/21 (requested article: how you knew 'you made it')

3/14 (article: Aztec myth and Mexican Catholicism)

3/21 (article: Anglo guy developing a Mexican-American female character, Selena)

3/21 (article: Anglo guy developing Mexican-American female character, Selena)

3/28 (interview)

3/30 (article: developing Mexican-American character Selena)

4/1 (article: Viper's backdrop of Aztec myth and Mexican Catholicism)

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