Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aristotle on the Art of Storytelling

Last week I spoke at the Catholic Writers Guild Conference LIVE! in New Jersey on two subjects: plotting and character development. For "Plotting," I outlined Aristotle's principles of drama as found in his little book, the Poetics. Since a number of people could not attend but expressed interest in this talk, I'll post the transcript here in small, digestible bits over the next several days. It is similar to the presentation I give in my college creative writing class, sans exercises.

Last I heard, EWTN Radio was considering broadcasting the recording of this talk. If you hear it on the radio, please let me know so that I can send an appropriate 'thank-you' note.

So stay tuned, dust off your college copy of the Poetics, and take good notes. Aristotle's little book, after all, is actually a bundle of notes collected by an astute student of his, which explains why the book seems to be a bit disorganized and repetitive here and there.

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