Monday, August 31, 2009

Bohemian Matinee

That was his track name, but he's been called "Bobby" for a couple of years in a home that has to give him up. So we're taking this quiet, friendly 7-year-old brindle greyhound to live with us. He's housebroken and accustomed to stairs, so there will be less training than is otherwise needed with an adopted retired racer. We have pillows and bowls and coats and other gear from our previous grey, so we're ready for him. When we met him at the rescue kennel, he cozied right up to us, including our other dog, a rescued mutt. So as the saying goes, you don't pick the hound, the hound picks you. Pretty soon we'll see the other common saying come true: Gain a hound, lose a couch. They're couch-potatoes and love to curl up on soft spots for hours.

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