Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Curt Jester review of BLEEDER

What do you get when you combine a story about an alleged stigmatic priest, a town seeking healings from this priest, a skeptic who is not a cynic, and then the death of this priest on Good Friday? You get Bleeder: A Mystery , a well crafted and engaging story.

I was pretty well hooked from the first pages on and the novel never disappointed. The story is written as a mystery as to whether the priest was murdered and the various motives of people none too happy to have him there in their midst. It certainly kept me guessing. Plus the novel is more than a mystery novel in that it also uses mystery in the Catholic sense. There is a sense of the mystery of God throughout. And the author does not try to dot every i when it comes to answering these mysteries, but gives them the proper place. The theology presented in this novel is pitch perfect, though it is not a preachy novel that hits you over the head with Catholicism. Rather, it’s an excellent mystery novel with some theological elements. Highly recommended.

The Curt Jester (blogger Jeff Miller)

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