Saturday, December 12, 2009

Family and Faith review of BLEEDER

From the Family and Faith review of BLEEDER: "I was absolutely floored! Go out and buy this book!" I guess she liked it.


JLTan said...

The lady of Guadalupe is celebrated and worshipped by many residents of Manila, Philippines.

johnny dangerous said...

(Somehow this comment was placed here instead of below the Lady of Guadalupe posting). It is well that Our Lady is celebrated there, probably given the Spanish influence. But as noble as she is, she is never to be worshipped. Worship, as all Catholics ought to know, is reserved for God alone. Our Lady is "venerated", an entirely different idea, meaning 'especially honored,' for so God honored her by choosing her to be the woman by whom Christ entered the world as a child. Her task has always been to bring us to her Son and her Son to us. "Henceforth all nations shall call me blessed," she said in the Magnificat - but this doesn't mean she is to be worshipped. That would be idolatry (and it may appear this way to non-Catholics who observe sincere devotion to her). Wherever veneration steps over the boundary into 'worship,' that person ought to be kindly corrected so that all glory belongs to God alone. In imitation of Christ, let us 'honor our mother,' as the Commandment says. But 'worship'? Surely that would embarrass her.