Friday, May 28, 2010

Congrats, Johnny

Hey, it's me, Selena. Just wanted to say felicitaciones and high-five to Johnny for finishing the book that features me as the protagonist. Well, a fictionalized version of me. I know as well as he does that there's the laborious editing process to come with changes to be made and all that, but it's still a happy occasion to get that first draft completed, printed out, and in your hands. So we're going out tonight for Margaritas and steak fajitas to celebrate (with his lovely wife Virginia, of course). Thought I'd dress up for the occasion and wear the Stuart Weitzman peepsling heels in Adobe Serpent he got for me to say thank you for helping with VIPER.

He's been bugging me about my father's career with PEMEX and my undercover work in Mexico years ago because he's already thinking of the next book. He has to - the ending of VIPER is such a shock that it begs to go on. Looks like he's stuck with me for another year or two.

The poor fish.


kwallyz said...

Congratulations John! I look forward to reading your next book (after I finish Bleeder).

johnny dangerous said...

Thanks, Kurt! Will I see you June 5 when I sign books at B&N in Green Bay?